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SC(B) Type 10kv Series Resin Insultation Dry-Type Transformer

General introduction of SGB10 Cast Resin Transformer:

Cast Resin Transformer, is well applied in power plant substation with low voltage device, high voltage device, transformer and other components integrated, greatly recognized by its functional and energy saving properties. It is safe, non-pollute, and flame proof which can be installed directly on the load centre with the merits of free maintenance, easy installation, low combined operation cost, low loss and excellent humidity resistance.


Product specification of SGB10 Cast Resin Transformer:

Service condition:

The height above the sea level is below 1000m.

Ambient temperature:

Highest air temperature +40ºC

Highest daily average air temperature +30ºC

Highest annual average air temperature+20v

Lowest outdoor air temperature-25ºC

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