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KBSG9-50~1600/10 Mining Explosion Isolation Dry Transformer

KBSG9 series mining flameproof dry-type transformer suit for not only mines filled with firedamp mixed gas, grime and explosive gas, but also the gas and steam environment that can not erode metal or destroy insulation. The transformer has the merit of high strength, low temperature rise, good cooling and waterproof property, and easy maintenance.

Service conditions:

a. The installation is not higher than 1000m(normal)special environment gives explanation in addition


b. Ambient temperature

Highest temperature: 40ºC

Maximum monthly average temperature: 30ºC

Maximum annual temperature: 20ºC

Lowest temperature: -5ºC

c. The surrounding air relative humidity is not greater than 95%(25ºC)

d. In the mine, with methane, dust explosion danger is well

e. No vibration the gradient is less than 15ºC

f. No gas or steam to corrode metal needed or destroy insulation

g. Non-water drop sit

h. Power supply voltage profile approximate to a sine wave

i. The three-phase supply voltage approximate symmetrical

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